Sri Lanka

We welcome and invite you
to explore the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka!


In all honesty, to write a text about Sri Lanka is a very daunting task. Sri Lanka is special in a thousand ways and every traveler looks for different experiences.

I could probably write a book on each individual area!
We have put this together to give you an idea of a few places of interest……. just to tickle your tastebuds!


Sri Lanka is unique, it is probably one of the smallest Islands to offer so very much to the eye and mind. 


We are surrounded by the stunning picture postcard ocean, white sands & breezy palms. As you travel, you will note the diverse change of environments – moving away from the ocean through villages inland is an adventure in itself.

As you watch the landscape changing you will pass paddy fields & streams.

Small villages appear with busy markets and waving, smiling Sri Lankans.

You will move into areas of wildlife, cultural & ancient wonders, lakes, mountains and waterfalls.
We are all looking for something different and this island does not disappoint, in fact most people come back for more! 

  • The Ancient cities of Anuradhapura & Polannaruwa offer peace, tranquility and jaw dropping spectacles of times before us.

  • Dambulla and its cave temples,

  • Sigriya, with its astounding Ancient Rock Fortress - take a climb and view the frescoes. At the top, take time to breath in the view.

  • Kataragama  is another important site –
    This is a multi-religious site and is visited frequently by Sri Lankan people for blessings and worship.
    Walk through this beautiful religious site with the peacocks and monkeys whilst sounds of coconuts being smashed into the ground by workshippers continue through the day.


Kandy, The Hill Capital of Sri Lanka,  with its centre piece lake and the important Buddhist Temple, The Dalada Maligawa (The Temple of the Tooth) housing the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. The temple is a masterpiece and in August each year is host to the important Esala Perahera.
A procession of decorated elephants, traditional dancers, drummers using three types of traditional drums, artists cracking whips, breathing fire, jugglers and more!
The Perahera is lit by firelight at night is held over a period of ten days, ending on Nikini Full Moon Poya Day. Should you be in Sri Lanka during this time – it is a MUST.


Nuwara Eliya - It is around 6,000 feet above sea level. With its farmland, rolling tea estates and surrounding mountains its nothing short of stunning. Sometimes known as little England, due to its surroundings and architecture, and of course – the little red post box. Ella and  Bandarawela again, mountainous beauty with views that make you just want to sit…… and stare…………and drink tea!


Hatton. Adams Peak (Sri Pada). If you are here between December and April and like climbing, beautiful sunrises and an experience of the mind, body and soul, Sri Pada is waiting for you. The Peak is not just a path to climb, this is a Pilgrimage site to all major religions.

Its around 2200m above sea level. The climb on the Hatton side is about 2 hours from Nuwara Eliya. You climb at night to reach the top in time for sunrise. Along the way Pilgrims will join you and friendly dogs will guide you. A rest at the Tea Stalls can be most welcoming!

At the summit, upon sunrise, you will see this area in all its glory – a surprise having climbed in the dark. The atmosphere will make you tingle. On a clear morning, a remarkable triangular shadow of the mountain appears on the clouds at this time. The ringing of bells, the splendour of your surroundings unfolding before your eyes, the Pilgrims taking it all in………it’s a real experience. (one that has never, ever left me!)

The Wildlife National Parks are many.  If you have come to see elephants……….and lots of them - head to Udawalawe National Park where you will need rolls of film, or batteries for your camera. You can easily take a day trip here or indeed stay in the park in a Bungalow or rough it a bit by camping!

Yala & Bundala National Parks are easily accessible from Udawalawe and between all three parks you will encounter elephants, leopards, a huge variety of birds, crocodiles, bears….it goes on. Hop in the jeep and see for yourself.

Our website offers further information for these three parks.

Other National Parks include Gal Oya, Wasgamuwa and Hortain Plains.


So here is an insight into the wonderful world of Sri Lanka
– its not just a holiday –

come with us and be touched by the magic of Sri Lanka.


The Magnificent Hill Country

Sri Pada
Adams Peak Sunrise
Nuwara eliya
Kandy Perahera
Perahera Dancers
Sadu Monk
Created by Christine Olivarès