Bundala National Park safaris

A Ramsar Site – declared by the Ramsar Convention in 2005.

It was also designated as a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 2005.


Bundala is around 6,200 hectares and is predominantly a bird sanctuary for both migrant and resident birds alike. It is home to some 200 bird varieties.


Bundala is host to the magnificent site of the Greater Flamingo which migrate here in large numbers. To name but a few others, you will find the Lesser Whistling Duck, Grey Heron, Indian and Little Cormorant, Painted Stork and Black-necked Stork.

You may see a few elephants and other mammals to be seen are the Common Langur,  Jackal,  Rusty-spotted Cat,  Fishing Cat, Leopard, Wild Boar, Mouse Deer, Porcupine


This is also home to the Crocks! You will find both Muggers and Estuarine Crocks here. Along the way you will see Monitors, Toads, Snakes, and The Star Tortoise.


Large troops of Monkeys are also common.


There are four main lagoons here and the park borders the sea. The beach area is often used by five kinds of Turtles to lay their eggs and is home to the Theresa Turtle Conservation Project. This is a great place to see Turtles.

Created by Christine Olivarès