About us

A small cocktail really!


We are a local and not so local - East meets West combination who live Sri Lanka and love Sri Lanka…….its unashamed beauty, its dramatic wildlife and all things that are naturally Sri Lanka!  Culture, Lakes, Mountains, Waterfalls, Tea Estates, Sun, Sea and Sand and of course, fabulous food.


We were drawn together by elephants, through the adoption of Lily, who has her own page on our site.


We went on to be blessed by two further nature lovers, our 7 year old twins! They’ve been doing safaris since the womb, were blessed at 6 weeks at Kataragama, babble away in two languages (a lot) and their chosen entertainment is outdoors.


Though they presently favour crocodiles, snakes and bunnies, they have 40 pigeons, 5 chickens, don’t mind an elephant or a turtle and the latest request is for a Zebra!

You can find out about us on Trip Advisor: Lanka Tracker Matara
Created by Christine Olivarès